Millie's Math House (By Jillian Dowling)

Publisher or URL:
Riverdeep, http://www.learningservicesus.com/
Target Age &
Content Area
Pre-K to 2nd Grade (math concepts, problem solving skills)
Hardware or
Windows 98, Me, 2000 Professional, XP, Pentium II/200 MHZ, Mac OS 8.6 to OS
9.2.x (classic), G3 Processor

What type of
teaching strategy
is used?
Problem Solving.
What learning
theory does this
product best
Cognitive Learning Theory, when the child is working to solve a problem or create
an answer using different strategies until they're right, then they're commended which
also helps them to recollect these problem-solving skills and/or different steps
they took.

Is it appropriate
for the age
Yes, but it may be possible that some Pre-K students may need assistance in using
the computer.
Can they use it
Yes, they choose which activities and games they want to work with and everything
is set up in a picture format so it doesn't require much reading skills; everytime the
child clicks on the picture of the activity or game that he or she wants to play it verb-
ally communicates to the child what they just selected and continues to guide the
child along while playing any of the activities or games.
Can they
understand the
Yes, but it is possible that some Pre-K students may need assistance when utilizing
the game. For example, whenever I play this game with the little boy I babysit, he
tends to try and click on everything on the screen, so they may need a little help.
However, overall the game is pretty basic and simple to follow along with.
Is it engaging?
Will they want to
use it?
Yes, it is very colorful and encouraging. The characters are always saying: "Good
try! Try again!" or "Good job! You did it!" There is also a variety of different activities
and games to suit different interests.
Is it appropriate
for all learners?
Yes, it includes a variety of games suitable for all learners.
Can it be used by
learners with
special needs?
Mollie's Math House includes "Universal Access", featuring "TouchWindow" and
"SingleSwitch" compatability to address a variety of different learning styles and
Is it culturally,
socially, or
against any
No, not by any means that I've identified.
Can it be used by
a student whose
first language is
not English?
I searched for the availability of the program in another language, but I could not
find it available in any other language.

Is the context/
goal based on
violence or
Not by any means.
Does it have
enough user
It has some user flexibility, but could have a little more flexibility in adjusting the
different levels of each game.
Is the learner/
teacher able to
control the rate
and progression
through the
After completing an activity, the student or teacher is able to print out what that
student has accomplished.
Can the learner/
customize any of
the settings?
Yes, on some of the games, and the sound can be turned off if necessary.

effective is it?
This program is instructionally effective because if the child answers incorrectly, it
will encourage them to try again, and it also talks to them throughout each game or
acitivity while commending their efforts; it's not overwhelming and there is always a
"help" button available if a child gets stuck.
Will it teach what
it is supposed to
Yes, this program is very on target and focused.
Is the information
accurate and up
to date?
Yes, the information presented and instructed is accurate and applies to the learners
of the ages stated.
Is it free of errors?
Yes, it is error free.
standards do you
think it could be
used for?
3.1E1.3, 3.4B1.2, 3.4AK.3, 3.5A1.5, and much more on matheimatical levels of
Does it work well
Yes, it works well technically.
Do you think you
would use it?
Yes, I have used it in the past at one of my local libararies in my hometown and
currently use it with the 4-year-old boy I babysit. The best part about Millie's Math
House is that it is the best program to work on numbers and counting with any child.
They have a great selection of games involving colors, and baking cookies with a
certain number of jellybeans on them, etc. It applies to the multiple intelligences and
is a great learning opporutunity for any child.